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Top 8 Redwood City Things to Do

08/24/22  |  Stephanie Nash

A guide to having fun in Redwood City.

Redwood City, California lies in the center of Silicon Valley, in San Mateo County. Redwood City is a large city that contains a deep-water port. Bars, restaurants, and cafes are located throughout Redwood City. Whether you are only visiting Redwood City or attempting to purchase a home in this exciting community, the following are the top eight things to do and experience the best that Redwood City has to offer. 

Make a trip to Bair Island

Containing approximately 3,000 acres of wetlands, Bair Island is an area in Redwood City that is home to three individual islands. These islands are part of the Don Edward San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Now an ecological reserve, Bair Island was once a prominent part of agricultural production in San Mateo County. Visitors can discover the different species and their habitats in this distinctive region of California. Also, children and adults can learn about the flora and fauna that dominates San Mateo County and Redwood City.

Exploring Bair Island is one of the best ways to connect with nature in Redwood City. It is also an area where visitors learn about the history of Redwood City. Its roots were in the salt industry and agriculture. Now the area’s economy is dominated by Silicon Valley and technology companies.

Visit the Dragon Theater

The community theater in Redwood City is one of the most popular entertainment venues in San Mateo County. Dramas, comedies, and other productions are available at the Dragon Theater throughout the year. Since 2013, the Dragon Productions Theatre Company has promoted community plays and other performances in the small theater. Capable of seating sixty-five spectators, the Dragon Theater provides audiences with an intimate and unique viewing experience.

If you are interested in taking acting classes or drama workshops, the Dragon Theater offers both. Community theater is an important part of life in Redwood City. Citizens of all ages can visit the Dragon Theater and participate in the creativity and improvisation that goes on every day at this amazing venue.

Visit Pulgas Ridge Preserve

The Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is a beautiful recreational space in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Containing approximately 360 acres, the park features several miles of hiking trails. Visitors can walk through canyons, take in bay views, and explore the ecological diversity present in Redwood City. Dogs can play with or without a leash in the dog park located inside the Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve. Having access to such an amazing park is a truly rewarding part of life in Redwood City, California. Families in the area love coming to the preserve to go on early morning hikes in this lush environment.

Explore Edgewood Park Natural Preserve

Edgewood Park Natural Preserve features approximately 460 acres of protected land. The preserve is an excellent place to learn about the geological history of California and the importance of specific soil types to the native plant species in the San Francisco Peninsula. Families can spend the day hiking and exploring this vast expanse. Diverse plants and animals are present everywhere throughout the preserve. Visiting Edgewood Park Natural Preserve is an educational experience.

Tour the Pulgas Water Temple

The Greek Revival Style building was constructed in 1934 to celebrate the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct that brought water to the Bay Area from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was a huge undertaking that traversed 160 miles and took 24 years to complete. The area around the Pulgas Water Temple and the reflecting pool is a popular place for celebrations, events, and festivals. Visiting the Pulgas Water Temple is educational, exciting, and enjoyable. Residents of all ages enjoy learning about this monument in Redwood City.

Explore the San Mateo County History Museum

San Mateo County and the area surrounding Redwood City have an interesting history. The San Mateo County History Museum is the best place to learn about that exciting history. Situated in downtown Redlands, the history museum is inside a former courthouse. The San Mateo County Historical Association holds approximately 420,000 items. Exhibits and galleries are updated throughout the year. Visitors can learn about the unique history of San Mateo County and Redwood City.

Visit the Fox Theater

Downtown Redwood City is home to the Fox Theater, a 1,300-capacity live entertainment venue. Club Fox, a smaller venue, is adjacent to the Fox Theater. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Fox Theater opened its doors in 1929. After significant repairs and renovations in 1950, the Fox Theater became a live music venue. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are located near the Fox Theater. National touring acts come through Redwood City throughout the year. It is the premier live entertainment venue in Silicon Valley. Non-musical performances, such as comedy shows and comedians, are also held at the Fox Theater and it is available for private events.

Exploring the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Recreational activities abound at the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. Located in San Mateo County, the preserve lies in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Vast meadows and thick forests are the two primary environments in the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. Borel Hill lies approximately 2,500 feet above sea level, and the summit offers breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay. At nearly 3,100 acres, the entire preserve features numerous horseback riding trails and hiking trails. The Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is one of the most impressive places in Redwood City. Adults and children can spend time exploring different areas of the preserve. Its large size allows visitors to find surprises in many different areas of the preserve. Redwood City is home to some of the most amazing parks in the State of California.

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