Fun Bay Area Day Trips for Families

10/12/23  |  Stephanie Nash

Discover family-friendly day trip destinations near Woodside and Redwood City.

The Bay Area is renowned for its dynamic blend of culture, natural beauty, and innovation. For families considering Woodside homes for sale, it's not just the properties that beckon, but the myriad adventures that lie at their doorstep. Woodside and Redwood City, nestled within this vibrant tapestry, are gateways to a wealth of memorable family experiences. The proximity to various day trip destinations adds an extra layer of allure, making weekends an exciting blend of discovery and bonding.

1. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

A jewel within San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Sciences offers more than just a museum visit. Dive deep into the aquatic mysteries of the Steinhart Aquarium, soar among the stars in the Morrison Planetarium, or walk amidst fluttering wonders in the Osher Rainforest. Each exhibit is designed to educate while captivating imaginations. For those exploring Woodside homes for sale, this treasure trove of knowledge is just a car ride away.

2. Pacifica State Beach, Pacifica

The breathtaking Pacifica State Beach is a haven for beach lovers. Its expansive coastline is perfect for leisurely strolls, while the waves beckon budding surfers. Families can book surfing lessons, indulge in beach volleyball, or simply build sandcastles together. The backdrop of rugged cliffs and the serene Pacific horizon adds to its charm.

3. Children’s Fairyland, Oakland

A world where fantasy comes alive, Children’s Fairyland in Oakland is tailored for the young and young-at-heart. With rides inspired by classic tales, puppet shows that narrate enchanting stories, and gardens dotted with magical sculptures, it's a day of pure whimsy. And, being within reach of Woodside and Redwood City makes it a favorite among families.

4. Filoli Historic House and Garden, Woodside

, an architectural masterpiece, offers more than just glimpses of history. The sprawling gardens bloom in a riot of colors, and families can partake in bird-watching tours, art classes, or botanical explorations. Seasonal events, from summer night soirées to winter lights, add a festive touch to visits.

5. Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos

Beyond a mere collection of aircraft, the Hiller Aviation Museum is a journey through the evolution of flight. Interactive exhibits allow kids to experience the thrill of flying a plane, while historical displays shed light on aviation milestones. Drone demonstrations and flight simulator experiences are highlights that captivate visitors of all ages.

6. Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton

A nexus of astronomy and natural beauty, the Lick Observatory offers families a celestial escape. Attend star-gazing events, explore exhibits that delve into cosmic phenomena, or simply enjoy the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Bay Area from its mountaintop perch.

7. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, a coastal gem, is not just about the sea. While its beaches and tide pools are undoubtedly attractions, families can also explore the coastal trails on horseback, revel in the Pumpkin Festival's autumnal delights, or sample fresh produce from local farms. A day in Half Moon Bay promises diverse experiences, all set against the backdrop of the Pacific's mesmerizing blue.

8. Harley Farms, Pescadero

Located in the picturesque town of Pescadero, Harley Farms is an award-winning goat dairy farm. It allows families a chance to connect with rustic life, offering guided tours that take visitors through the entire farming process. From witnessing goats grazing in the pasture to understanding cheese-making techniques, it's a delightful educational experience. Families can also shop for artisanal cheeses and other farm products, ensuring they take a piece of the experience home.

9. U-Pick and Farmstand Adventures at Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm
in San Gregorio offers families the joy of picking their own fresh produce. Throughout the year, depending on the season, visitors can pluck strawberries, harvest pumpkins, or select fresh vegetables. Beyond U-Pick, their farmstand is stocked with freshly harvested organic produce, making it a hit among those who appreciate farm-fresh flavors.

10. Webb Ranch in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Merging agricultural charm with Silicon Valley's hustle, Webb Ranch in Portola Valley is an unexpected delight. It offers a range of activities, from horse riding classes for all ages to seasonal U-Pick events like berry picking. During the festive seasons, their pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms come alive, making it a seasonal favorite for many families.

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